Savor A Quick Stop in Southwoods

“Bless the food before us, the family beside us and the love between us. Amen.”

My family and I have been enjoying our visits in the Southwoods BAGA Manila and Calle Mercado. ¬†We’ve been there a lot of times and it is easily understood why we frequent the place, we all love to eat! We all love to go food hunting. ūüôā Yeah, food is part of the Filipino culture that gives the festive and jolly feel. ¬†Can’t deny that ūüôā

BAGA Manila and Calle Mercado are situated in the middle of the bustling and bright Southwoods, Binan, Laguna.  They open at 5:30 pm up to 11pm daily.



From Alabang, you can easily reach Southwoods within 10 to 15 mins. Usually there is no traffic on the 11 km stretch southbound. ¬†Upon approaching the Southwoods toll gate, the venue is easily spotted to the right. ¬†There’s an open field and to the further right the Sto. Nino de Cebu Church, the Coral Center, the Unihealth hospital and in the middle of the two buildings you can see the colorful lights of the BAGA Manila and Calle Mercado. ¬†Just continue to drive towards Coral Center building and turn left to park at the back. ¬†We usually park near BAGA Manila’s side so it would be easier to exit. We pay parking fee of 30 pesos to the staff who will issue the receipt and will assist you to find your parking spot. ¬†So it is nice, it somehow felt safe because someone’s watching over the parking area. ¬†There’s also no problem for lowered vehicles. ¬†A parking space is also available at the front of the BAGA Manila but the space is limited and usually full as the night draws in.


Well, the place is nice. ¬†At first glance, your eyes will be fascinated¬†with the colorful lanterns gracing and lighting the place. ¬†Families, friends, lovers and barkadas occupy the tables and chairs. ¬†Few people walk along the stalls choosing from the wide array of gastronomic delights passing through the smell and smoke of mouthwatering cuisines and grilled fresh sea foods. ¬†There’s also desserts, cocktail drinks, fruit juices and sweets. ¬†There are lots of choices to choose from. You can find the food you like if you’re in a food trip.


Children play and run around in the field.  Few walk their dogs in and around the field too. A live band plays regae music in the Calle Mercado side.  You can dine inside the open field area with the pay of 20 pesos per table.



There are also other establishments in the place. ¬†There’s a vape store right beside the BAGA Manila, Shakey’s and Manila’s Best Coffee in the Coral building (with restroom too). ¬†You can easily see the McDonald’s too (a popular spot for young folks). ¬†On the other side of the road, there’s the Mercury with drive -thru and the Unihealth Hospital near the Calle Mercado area. There is also the Sto. Nino de Cebu Church for Sunday service plus more. ¬†What do you know, establishments, sprawl all over the place.

Better bring cash.  The nearest ATM is DBPBank in the Unihealth Hospital which is usually offline and the next is the BDO ATM on the road to San Pedro but you have to walk for a few minutes.  Credit card is not accepted in BAGA Manila and Calle Mercado.

The whole place is ideal for kids and elderly.  However, the BAGA Manila is not wheelchair-friendly because the walkway is covered with grava rock.

Well, that’s it. ¬†I hope you enjoy your time here as I usually do.

Stay healthy and enjoy life! – K


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