Caleruega: A Place to Commune with God, Nature and Your Self

Caleruega was named after a place in Spain where St. Dominic was born. He was a Castilian priest and founder of the Dominican Order.  St. Dominic of Caleruega is the patron saint of astronomers.

I came to know Caleruega as a beautiful solemn place perfect for weddings and retreats. It has spectacular views of lush vegetation and well-kept gardens.  It has an awesome view of the Batulao mountains too on the horizon.  The first time I visited it, I was not disappointed and I learned that all I heard is true.  It is an ideal place for the family, couples and group of friends. A place of comfort.  A place to meditate and reflect.


Upon arrival, this will be the first structure that will welcome you.  It houses the retreat center, office, rest rooms and the great stair case (perfect for barkada pics).  Here is where you can also view few historical facts and miniature map of Caleruega.  The Cenaculum is the entry to the retreat centers and to the Transfiguration Chapel.


From the Cenaculum, you can decide to go up first to the Transfiguration Chapel or go down the Manaoag Drive and up to the Transfiguration Tent Chapel on the hill.

Caleruega Transfiguration Chapel

There’s a Sunday Mass every 11:00 AM at the Transfiguration Chapel.  The chapel is  famous for weddings and special masses. It is picturesque and indeed a special venue.

Nature Walk, Hanging Bridge and Transfiguration Tent Chapel

As you walk down the Manaoag Drive to the lower grounds, you can view fields, hills and the Batulao mountains on the horizon.

“Close to Nature, Closer to God” is Caleruega’s reflection.  True to these words, a person can find peace and solitude in this nature sanctuary.

The koi ponds, walkway and the plants around it are just stunning and refreshing to look at.  I could watch them all day. 🙂


Your family will enjoy to see the Hanging bridge and would love to take your family picture as you cross it.

After crossing the hanging bridge, you could see the camping area to the right and to the left you could climb up to the Transfiguration Tent Chapel on the hill.

How to Get There

via Commute

1. From south, ride a Nasugbu bus and drop off to Evercrest Golf Course. You can also choose to take a van to Tagaytay and from there, ride a jeep bound to Nasugbu.
2. Near Evercrest is a tricycle terminal.  Ride a tricycle going to Caleruega and arrange a pick up schedule with the driver as there are no transport from Caleruega.
3. To return to Manila or Tagaytay, you can ride a bus bound to Pasay or Cubao.

via Private Vehicle

It takes less than 2 hours to get to Caleruega via Sta. Rosa exit.  Traffic is along Santa Rosa and in Tagaytay.  There is a few meters of rough road in Batulao Road between Don Bosco Chapel on the Hill and Caleruega.  A lowered sedan can manage to pass but with care. SUV is suitable.


What to Bring

Extra shirt and towel specially for kids.  Bottled water. Fan or something to cool you down.  You have to walk to see its areas and climb up and down stairs, a walking cane/aid would be a good idea.

Entrance Fee and Reservations

The nature walks does not need advanced call or reservations.  You can just walk-in. There is an entrance fee of PHP40 per person (subject to change) and it comes with a pamphlet/map of Caleruega.  It opens from 7am-5pm only.


A parking area outside the Caleruega ground is available for free. Years ago, parking in front of the Cenaculum was allowed.  However, vehicles are no longer allowed to enter.

For Inquiries

Please email or call +639218304226 during daily office hours 8:00am-5:00pm, Manila time.

Facebook: Caleruega-Philippines

Enjoy travelling with your loved ones and cherish every moment! – K


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