Baguio: Pine Trees, Strawberries and Choco-late de Batirol

Sembreak 2016 is around the corner and few of us may decide to spend the loooong vacation in Baguio to enjoy its breezy feel. For the barkada who wish to go up North, here are few of the things you may include in your list.

Experience strawberry picking in La Trinidad, Benguet

For around 400-500 pesos, you are given a basket and you are allowed to walk in the strawberry garden and pick any fruit you wish. You can pick alongside the Ibaloi farmers for unlimited time until you fill your small basket.   If you visit Baguio during rainy season, prepare to wear a pair of boots and walk in the sticky mud. It will be hard to walk along the mud specially if you are heavy, you know what I mean. 🙂

The price of strawberry picking may vary but it will always be double of the current price of the strawberries in the market. You are not paying for the strawberry actually, you are paying for the unique experience.


If you don’t have your own transport service and decided to take a cab to La Trinidad.  You may want to consider paying a waiting fee for the cab to get you back to Baguio City.  It is hard to catch a taxi from there.

For pasalubong idea, you can buy jars of strawberry jams between 100 to 200 pesos. These are the ones with strawberry chunks and even seeds on it so you’ll know they are really authentic.  You can also buy wines made from strawberry and bugnay fruits for 100 to 150 pesos.  And yes, there’s the strawberry fruit priced starting from 200 pesos per box.  If it’s not bothersome you can bring a container for the strawberries where you can put ice to keep them fresh as you travel back to Manila.



Enjoy the afternoon walk in Camp John Hay

If you enjoy seeing and walking in pine tree-laden path, then you got to drop by Camp John Hay. There are also nice houses and establishments within the area where you can hang out with your friends.  You can also just walk to get to Choco-late de Batirol restaurant to dine in.

Enjoy the warm chocolate with suman in Choco-late de Batirol


Choco-late de Batirol is a cozy little cottage restaurant surrounded with flowers and with stones arranged on its pathway.  The ambience is relaxing and warm actually. 🙂  You got to sit on these cute wooden trunks and wooden tables.  There is also the “lover’s corner” decorated with petite lights above. Choco-late de Batirol offers the traditional choco-late drink & suman (super combo!) and they also offer breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You can also buy Filipino products displayed on the counter such as candies and dried fish.

Put on a live feed while riding the boat in Burnham Park

You can ask a boatman to row the boat for you or you can choose to row the boat yourself. Boat ride is good for max of 1 hour.




Pray for your heart’s wish in the Baguio Churches

Baguio Church.png

Within Baguio City, there are three churches and site that were built in honor of the Our Lady of the Lourdes.  They are the Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral (near Session Road), Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Kisad Road and the Our Lady of the Lourdes Grotto in Dominican Hill Road.

Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral

Appreciate the spectacular flowers and plants in the Baguio gardens

Baguio is home to several gardens and parks with wide variety of species of flowers, ornamental plants, cactus and succulents.  They have Baguio Orchidarium and  Burnham Park within the city limits and there are also the Baguio Botanical Garden, Wright Park and Camp John Hay to the east.


Take a selfie with the Mines View (Amburayan Valley) as Background

Mines View Park is an overlook park on the northeastern outskirts of Baguio in the Philippines.  Located on a land promontory 4 km from downtown Baguio, the park overlooks the mining town of Itogon, particularly the abandoned gold and copper mines of the Benguet Corporation, and offers a glimpse of the Amburayan Valley.  The observation deck is situated below a winding stone-covered stairway close to the parking area.(Wikipedia)

When we were young, Baguio was famous to our parents for its pasalubong such as everlasting flowers, strawberries, vegetables for chopsuey and walis tambo (Filipino broom). Over the years, more and more Baguio products and places have been made known to Filipinos. Wholeheartedly, Filipinos from different parts of the world have embraced and loved them.  Now, Baguio may be famous for a new and wider spectrum of things but Baguio will always be precious to Filipinos.

Enjoy your travels and experience life! – K


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