Iba, Zambales: How Simple Things Inspired Me to Love the Beach

It was love at first trip ūüôā ¬†Seeing Iba, Zambales for the first time, I decided to adopt it as “my province”.

  • The Journey

Coming from the south, there are few things that makes me enjoy the trip to Zambales. ¬†I enjoy seeing the¬†simple life in the province. I love passing through the road with¬†trees¬†lined up on the sides. I enjoy looking up and seeing the branches crisscross with the rays of the sun sparkling in the gaps of the leaves. ¬†I love seeing “kuliglig” (2-wheel tractor used by farmers in the province) and the vast, green rice paddies with the mountains as the backdrop.



  • Warm Sun and the¬†Vast,¬†Clear Blue Sky


If being a beach bum is a profession, I’ll be good at it.:-) Nothing beats the warmth of the sun and¬†the cool sea breeze on your face. ¬†Inhaling and exhaling everything. ¬†You just¬†chill¬†while you stare at the vast horizon.

Tammy’s Beach Resort in Iba, Zambales


  • Swaying Coconut Leaves with the¬†Blue, Sparkling¬†Sea in the Background


No doubt, when you think of the beach, one of the best way to imagine it is to see¬†the shining leaves of the coconut tree¬†swaying to the sea breeze, with the blue sky and the sparkling sea as background. ¬†You’ll probably imagine yourself sleeping on a hammock under the tree. ¬†Yes? Indeed the best things in life are free!

  • Tranquil Sunsets

I don’t know about you but I feel still and tranquil watching the sun at it disappears on the horizon. ¬†Watching the sunset is like paying a huge respect to the passing of the day. ¬†For me, it means there’s a time for everything and that everything passes. ¬†It inspires me to¬†live the best way ¬†I can.


  • Bonfire and Stargazing

It never fails to amaze me to¬†gaze at the stars not to mention if you’re doing it by the beach. It is so relaxing. ¬†The sea breeze is so cool and you can hear the waves as it hit the shore. ¬†My friends and I enjoy sitting by the bonfire and setting hotdogs ¬†and marshmallows on fire. ¬†¬†We would laugh on stories and jokes. ¬†It’s fun and a good nightcap actually.


  • Morning Walks by the Sea



I believe that walking by the beach every morning ¬†greatly improves a person’s health. You wake up early and hit the beach at daybreak. ¬†Stretch your body, take a stroll, jog, run and just breath. Walk along the shore barefoot if you like. ¬†It’s cool at first but as the sun rises, it will eventually get warm, just fine before you take your¬†breakfast and before you set off to enjoy the day at the beach.

Life is good indeed, make the most out of it! – K




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