Baler, Aurora: An Underrated Paradise

The quaint town of Baler, Aurora still offers the experience of the old Filipino culture.  The people are very blessed for they have the vibrant sea, amazing beaches, interesting lush mountains, awesome waterfalls and picturesque rock formations.


It was Feb 2016 and there were few rough roads from Manila to Baler but our lowered sedan managed to go through. One of the rough roads was the path leading to Diguisit Beach. Good thing though we decided to hire a tricycle for PHP500 that will tour us the whole morning only around Baler. Whole day costs PHP1000. We enjoyed the sceneries and the back stories shared to us by Amang our driver/tour guide who happened to be a certified surf instructor too.




Amang and his tricycle




Hotels and inns by the beach are more expensive. You can choose to stay in less expensive inns away from the beach and then just take a trip to Sabang to enjoy the beach and the bar. Bay walk is alive at night with bars and restaurants. It is an awesome, cool place to meet other travelers. 😉


Diguisit Falls

What’s special about the Diguisit Falls is that it is facing the sea. Fresh water gushes out from mountain and goes back to the sea on the other side of the road.



 Diguisit Beach and Rock Formations

I Love this rock formations from Diguisit Beach


Saturday Morning in Baler

I’ve never seen rock formations in the sea beside a mountain before. It was bit dark as the sun is  still hiding ‘neath the clouds.



Yeah, the left side is a pool. Cool!



An infinity pool near the sea


Beautiful Sea Foams


Ermita Hill

Amang, our tour guide shared the story of how the people of Baler were devastated by tsunami decades ago.  The 8 survivors were those who managed to climb the high Ermita Hill. Monuments of people being chased by the tidal wave were built to remind the people of Baler of that moment when the whole town was destroyed by the tsunami.


Atop the Ermita Hill, you can view the Cemento Beach in the east.  It was still dark, a typical Saturday morning in Baler.


 The Hanging Bridge of Baler



These kids are very lucky to have their childhood in such a beautiful place.


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