Road Trip Adventure: Alibijaban Island, San Andres, Quezon, Philippines


Plan ahead and contact your boatman in Alibijaban island.  From Alabang, ride the bus in Starmall bus station going to San Andres, Quezon.  The trip will take 6 and a half hours.  The bus is ordinary, no air conditioned bus is available when I last checked this year 2016. When you reach the San Andres terminal, ride the tricycle to San Andres Pier where your contact boatman should ferry you to the island.


Road Trip Adventure. It was Mar 5, 2016 when we traversed the road to Quezon. The trip started pleasant. We were enjoying the amazing views and the good company.  All good vibes. After 5 hours of travel, we already reached Pagbilao.  We still have 5 more hours to travel I said to myself. The van was going full speed downhill on the highway when the van suddenly stopped (you know it when you don’t hear the sound of the vehicle anymore) but the van was still going down fast and John our friend driving the van said the break was not working anymore.  You know in his voice, he was keeping his cool.  We can hear him trying the breaks but are not working. I was horrified to see several trucks coming in from the opposite lane going full speed too.  Oh my God!  At that time, I felt shivers and I know my eyes grown to the biggest sizes they could be. Good thing John was able to start the van again and drove us safely to the side of the road.  Thank God! We had to stop twice on the side of the road after that because the van stopped again while we were driving.  Poor van! it was travelling for too long already and jam-packed. We scouted the area to find a mechanic in a nearby shop to help us fix the poor van.

2nd Stop: We have to give the van a break
3rd Stop: Looking for the mechanic




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